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On The Run: Guitar 2 in Choruses


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Next we are going to learn how to play the licks played by guitar #2 during all three of our choruses. The parts are similar, but vary slightly from chorus to chorus. We will take a look at how to play our ending lick. Here are some key points to help you out:

1. The first two choruses feature the same guitar parts played by guitar #2. You start off embellishing on the G chord, strumming between the low G and the higher strings. You then move over play a moving melody over C in between the vocal breaks, followed by our D with an added fourth in the melody. The first 8 bars end with a similar descending melody that ends our verse, this time using a few more open strings.

2. The second eight bars repeats the same thing over G and C, but you will play a little more over the D chord playing the same notes but twice as much. You will then end it with the same melody after the first chorus, and the second chorus ends with a different melody playing around D, G, and E leading into the solo.

3. The last chorus plays the same part as the previous choruses over the first 8 bars. The second time through, you will play a variation over the C chord leading into the Dsus4. This time around, you will play the same melody as you ended the verses during the choruses.

4. For outro turnaround, you will play our ending lick followed by an ascending melody with the rest of the band. Over the G chord, you will play an added 2nd (A) over the chord and then follow it with a slight variation of our main ending melody. Then you will play the same Gadd2 to lead into the ending.

5. The ending lick does a whole step bend from D to E, then from G to A and back to G to end the song.

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