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First let's talk a little bit about the guitar tones that I'm using to imitate this song, but always remember that you can play almost any song on any guitar you have - it's ultimately all in how you play and how you dial in whatever gear you have. But now let me talk you through the settings that I'm using for this song.

I'll be using my Gibson 335 for all the guitar parts and I'll be running it through a modeled Marshall Plexi amp with the gain kinda cranked. The gain is at 2 o'clock while the rest of the knobs are at 12 o'clock. That's where I get the basic tone from, and I'm using the bridge pickup and the middle position on my guitar.

For the highest of the harmonized guitars in the intro, I'm adding a fuzz pedal to get the almost infinite sustain going on. It sounds really dramatic and adds the perfect amount of "epic-ness" to the intro. I have the volume set to 12 o'clock, the sustain set to 1 o'clock and the tone set to 11 o'clock.

For the lead guitar I'm also using a wah pedal. I believe Clapton used a Vox wah pedal for this song, but this is a modded Crybaby that also does the job well. All a wah pedal does is play with the mid-range so that you get that familiar talking sound.

You can either move your feet in time with the music, do it gradually with the bends, leave it somewhere in the middle or move it for each note you play, regardless of the rhythm. All of these techniques will be used in this song. In order to avoid any confusion I'm gonna break down the wah parts without the wah, and then we'll add it to the sound later!