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  • Lesson Title:

    What It's Like: Second Pre-Chorus

  • Guitar Instructor: Douglas Showalter
  • Lesson Added: June 13th, 2011
  • Lesson Files: Video Guitar Lesson, Guitar Tab, Notation
  • Lesson Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Lesson Focus: Song
  • Lesson Style: Rock
  • Lesson Keywords: welcome to my life, simple plan, pop rock, learn rock guitar, Intermediate guitar lessons
Guitar Instructor
Our second pre-chorus introduces a third guitar playing an easy melody that helps break it the second time around. Here are some key points to help you through our second pre-chorus. 1. There are two main differences between the second and first pre-chorus; one being an additional guitar, and the other is how it ends. 2. A third guitar enters at the end of the verse, playing single note melodies throughout the pre-chorus. The chords it outlines are A7, Bmi7, A7, and than lands on E on the B string. 3. The end of the pre-chorus see's Guitar 1 playing a muted, power chord crescendo on A leading into the second chorus.
End Guitar Video

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