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  • Lesson Title:

    Clockwise Adds Sharps

  • Guitar Instructor: Christopher Schlegel
  • Lesson Added: October 2nd, 2009
  • Lesson Files: Guitar Tab, Notation
  • Lesson Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Lesson Focus: Theory
  • Lesson Style: All Styles
  • Lesson Keywords: circle of fifths, what is the circle of fifths, using the circle of fifths
Guitar Instructor
In my experience the single biggest reason guitarists have a hard time with the circle of fifths is because it is hard to visualize on their instrument. Literally, it is hard to SEE.

This is because the guitar makes no physical, visual distinction between a natural letter note and a sharp or flat. It's just another fret - one up or down.

Compare this to the piano and immediately the difference becomes obvious. If you are playing in G major on a piano the only black key you see and, or play is the F-sharp. Because the piano has it's very distinctive pattern of white keys for naturals and black keys for sharps/flats it is easier to see and recognize accidentals and key signatures.

Another problem is that many guitarist simply refuse to learn how to read music. The more a player reads on a regular basis, the easier it beco...

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