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I have been using the pentatonic scale pattern used in the guitar tricks "scales" page and notice that it is one basic pattern with different extensions that I usually pick out by ear.

I notice that on this page (listed below), however, that the pattern is different as you go up and down the fretboard. Why is it different?

This is a great site. Just the pentatonic pattern alone has taken me to a new level of playing. I've been playing on and off for 2 1/2 years and I love it!

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Well thats because in that example the Key is the same in all patterns.
On the scales page on
the first example in a minor is the same pattern as 'Pattern 3' on the site you mentionend. So if you change the key to G minor you have to move the pattern towards the guitar-head by 2 frets.

Hope this helps in some way!
/Johan Lindgren
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