Recommendation: Final Countdown Solo

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Hey everyone who doesn´t know the Final Countdown Solo(Band: Europe) should check it out. It has a REALLY good melody and i just love the arpeggios. I´ve just played it the first time through at right speed(took a few days), but it still has to get a little more exactly and fluently. Be sure to play the correct rhythmn, because there are some 32th notes between the 16th.

Here is the correct version of it. But explanation is in german.
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Woo! I love that song... Just had a road trip a couple months ago, and we must have listened to that song 20 times in 3 days.

Yeah, I tried learning that solo, but for some reason I gave up.. I think it was because the tabs were inaccurate. I'll check your link out, though.
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Isn't that song on one of the "Rocky" soundtracks?
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