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01/08/2002 10:32 am
I started playing guitar at 13(I'm 21 now). I couldn't play worth a damn, I learned alot of nirvana(lol). Punk became a prime objective. I wanted to be in a fast punk band.

I never would have thought what happened with my guitar playing. I love punk and the band is a focal point of my life.

My guitar playing has gone to places I only dreamed of. You pick up one thing, then another, then pretty soon you're rockin out impressing people. I have never taken lessons, just paid attention to other guitarists. After exploring the musical universe I have come to a few conclusions:

I've never met a guitar player that likes Limp Bizkit, so umm good luck with their search for a guitarist.

JAZZ is where it's at. You will come across it at one point and when you do your life will never be the same.

Jazz is not as complicated as you may think.
Underground punk bands are getting really good lately. Many punk songs are not easy to play on guitar. I hate getting that crap from people.

Feeling or technique? you decide... If you're not feeling the technique, explore.

oh yes...advice for people in bands...
If you are onstage...If you don't look like you love what you're doing, nobody else is gonna love it either.

There's nothing more depressing than a talented musician staring at his shoes, unless he's depressed I suppose. That brings me back to stage presence. You need to have it. People have seen dozens of bands. Being able to grab their attention will more likely make them remember you.

that's my final word i need sleep badly...
eyes drooping

night ya'll

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