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My apologies, unhumbled! :mad: Because as it seems it's time to give me sh*t for what? Doing something you asked me to do. Real cool of you! I am only sorry for being kind to you, as I said I did like what you wrote and took the time to try to analyze what you wrote. Excuse me, my assumption was wrong about how you came up with it.

Chris. One post, what christoph wrote was clearly undiatonic, the next it's in A minor. Oh yeah by the way, since when is there a F#, and an F in A minor?? Since we're so sensitive about that even though it's clearly Atonal.

About how I labeled the chords? They are the same notes and same chord just labeled different. Why even argue about that?? It's clearly undiatonic, so there's no point. Sorry if I'm wrong but it seems like you just turn everything I say into something different, and argue about it?? The debates are cool but this is ridiculous. Sorry, I have no time to argue about chord spellings to a tune that is atonal. :confused:
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