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Hey all of you smart guitar-players out there! Some of you may know that I am a graduate student in English with a concentration in Rhetoric. Well, I am thinking about writing a BIG paper (maybe a dissertation) on the rhetoric of music in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the new War on Terrorism.

Here's where I can use your help: What groups are writing / recording / performing new songs that deal with some aspect of our "New New World Order?" The musicians' response can be positive or negative, makes no difference. I am just interested in getting a feel for how the music world is responding to the events of our young twenty-first century.

Here's what I am thinking about so far:
Bruce Springsteen's album "The Rising"
Neil Young's song "Let's Roll"
Steve Earle's album "Jerusalem" (especially the song "Johnny Walker's Blues" about Johnny Walker Lindh)
Paul McCartney's album

What else have you guys heard lately on this subject? Are any of you guys writing songs along these lines? Please include audio links if they exist.

Many of you may know that I am into Dylan, the Dead, "classic" rock and roll, and folk-singer-songwriter kind of stuff, but I will consider music from all genres, and from all over the world.

Thanks guys, this might be fun! :)
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If I understand the question, i'd say Pearl Jam's "BUSHLEAGUER".
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If your paper can be on groups that aren't English, there are a bunch of them in France, you can look them up on Google: Zebda, Tryo, Noir Desir.

But since you're an English major, I guess it doesn"t work ;)
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Saviour Machine with their albums:

"Legend I"
"Legend II"
"Legend III:I"

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Toby keith did a song in response to 9/11, it dealt with the american colours, i cant remember the title.

WWSD? What would stevie do?
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I'll check these out.
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