Black Friday Deal?

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I was trying to take advantage of the Black Friday deal for Guitar Tricks that was promoted by Guitar World, but when I go to that page, and click on "Get Full Access", it just takes me to my account page (I'm already a member) with no indication of how to add another year at the special price. Am I missing something?


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I am trying to the same, does anyone know the answer? Did you find out?

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I'm intrigued to know how, too. I had no idea there's a deal on. I also have the full-year membership.

Wow, it's 2023 already? Time goes fast.

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Hey guys, that Black Friday special is for a new annual membership. You are eligible for the promotion if you do not already have a Full Access subscription, or if you have a monthly membership and want to convert it to an annual one. If you already have an annual membership, you can't get this promotion.

Apologies for any confusion! 

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