Please help me find music that rekindles my passio

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I started learning guitar about 6 months in excitement, fascination, and excitement. However, recently, I feel quite lost, lost motivation, because work is too busy, and it seems that no song has rekindled that passion in me. I'm looking for music that gives me a lot of inspiration and learns effective learning methods, anyone has any music? please share with me

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How are we suppossed to know what music "gives me a lot of inspiration and learns effective learning methods"?!?!

I'm not trying to be as caustic or flippant as this is probably going to be received. I'm sure everyone would love to help. That's what people do here. But we don't know what music would inspire you.

For me that would be Santana or Clapton, probably. I do hope someone comes up with helpful suggestions and, as a result, you stick with it.

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What do you listen to when you're driving?

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I'm in a bit of a lull myself as work has been hectic the past few months. But I still pick up the guitar everyday. Maybe just a few minutes due to time but I try to work something in. [br][br]

Some things I've tried:

1. Picked some previously studied exercises

2. Tried improvising in scales

3. Basic 12 bar blues with cowboy chords. [br]4. Find a song with a good riff and just practice that. [br][br]

I just try to enjoy the journey. Hope this helps.

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Andy - hope you're hanging in there.

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