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I am a 57 year old bass player looking to learn more guitar. I play bass weekly at church for around 10 years now in a contemporary Christian setting (rock/pop oriented worship). I know a few chords on guitar and just really want to learn more guitar now. My musical interests are heavily rock and roll, particulary 80 hair metal (that was my time) and classic rock n roll. I am having fun so farl and hope I can keep the dicipline up. I will skip my bass gear since this is guitar...so the guitar gear I have are mainly low cost guitars but I do all the set ups myself and really get them playing well. I have a Kona thinline accoustic guitar, a Washburn AB-10 accoustic electric, a Dean Vendeta electric with new pots and humbuckers I replaced since the guitar wasn't working when I got it, and I also have a PRS semi hollow body copy (IYV IPF-300 TSB made in vietnam) that is fun but I will be replacing the cheap tuners on it soon. Realy nice guitar for the price. I have a nice little Fender Mustang LT25 combo amp. Just looking to have fun here!

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Hey treys! Welcome to the Guitar Tricks forum! Here you can chat with other students, and ask questions from instructors directly. Enjoy Guitar Tricks!

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