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Guitar Tricks Instructor
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Guitar Tricks Instructor
Joined: 08/09/05
Posts: 8,345
12/13/2021 12:30 pm
Originally Posted by: Bowman_David

I have worked through the 2 foundation courses and am not working on Rock 1.[/quote]

Congrats on working through Fundamentals 1 & 2! Is there a reason you are not working on Rock style level 1?

Originally Posted by: Bowman_DavidI noticed that in the new content section on the main page there are the following lessons. They seem to be aimed at beginners.

You are likely seeing the new Fundamentals course by Anders that was just published.

[quote=Bowman_David]Are there other courses avalible that I am not aware of?

There are 3 fundamentals courses:

1. Anders's new ones.

2. Lisa's old one.

3. My older one.

You can access Anders & Lisa from the main Core Learning System landing page.

There is a button right below the welcome video to toggle between them.

My older courses start here.

There are 3 primary categories of tutorials on GT.

1. Core Learning System. This is an integrated step by step curriculum of lessons that start at absolute beginner. The idea here is to isolate & streamline the cirriculum all in one step-by-step process. Since you are beyond the fundamental stages, you might enjoy material from one of the Style courses.

2. Song Catalog. This is all the songs GT has the secured the rights to teach.

3. Instructor Directories. These are more specialized topics, sometimes organized in sub-categories. You can view the instructors & their specialties here.

For example, I have over a thousand lesson on various topics, organized by topic or focus. In general, these are for diving deeper into any given concept or technique. They are not necessary per se to the streamlined core learning system, but will help once a student develops more interest in a certain style or technique.

Hope this helps!

Christopher Schlegel
Guitar Tricks Instructor

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