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A few weeks ago I bought the Mayson Topaz (limited edition). Mayson is a guitar manufacturer relatively unknown in Belgium, located in China with their own R&D and production lines. [br]Some basic models are available here through guitar web shops. The higher segment only via a GC. They were mainly inspired by Taylor and worked on their own design for 3 years (helped by some Dutch engineers). The result is a very qualitative instrument.

The Mayson Topaz is made entirely of ovangkol (solid top), mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard and bridge, Tusq nut and a Fishman pickup. You can compare this with the Mayson MS3 / OCE2 (can be found on Youtube) with the difference that the latter has a solid back and side in ovangkol.

[br]I am an absolute beginner (RIP David) and I have tested and listened to a lot of guitars. Last in line was this Topaz and immediately fell in love with the sparkling highs and wonderfully resonant low. Tonally this guitar goes very broad, which for a beginner like me has the advantage that I learn to play in a wide spectrum.

Currently I have too little experience to write a descent review but as soon as I have gone through GF2 I will post you a demo :).



Some pictures:

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Thank you for this detailed review! Such a beautiful guitar.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us.
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Very nice. Love acoustics with the darker woods. Enjoy. [br][br]


Why don't guitars come with an instruction manual ?

Oh yeah, that's what GuitarTricks is for..

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