Tone Master Delux Reverb for home use?

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I've currently got a Fender Champion 20 which I am happy with.

I am wondering whether it is worth upgrading to a Tone Master Delux Reverb, would it give me a much better sound than my Champion 20 given I'll likely only ever play it in the house , not too loudly?

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Hey there,

I had to look back at your postings, I thought I recalled your post about amps a few months ago and it looks like you settlled on the Fender Champ. I don't know the amp, but I think you made a good choice. At the time of the original post you mentioned headphones because you were concerned about others in the household?

Is there a "noise concern"?

The TMD has gotten rave reviews, so I would be inclined to say yes, but do you still have the sound volume conern and will it take headphones?

In my household, my wife always says "it's fine", but I am scepticle, so I walk into her room with the pa playing and decide for myself. I usually decide to scale it back.

I think you have a great amp, but upgrades are always fun.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the reply.

My wife has a piano so I'm allowed to go as loud as the piano, I'm rarely using headphones.

I agree with you, I need to buy one! I need some new guitar stuff!

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