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I need a to z guitar notation practice videos, please. I did complete the beginner's level out here but without having to link of learning and practising guitar notation link out here, I am not able to progress further. Therefore, I request Guitartricks to please upload a to z guitar notation learning videos for practice and learning.

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Raju Gurung


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Originally Posted by: rajugurung909I need a to z guitar notation practice videos, please.

Hey, there! Did you check out the lessons & suggestions I mentioned in my previous answer?

It depends on your skill level, but every single song lesson on GT has the notation.

[br]If you are a beginner you might enjoy working through this simple melodies. I have some in the old GF1 starting here.

And some in my classical section here.

I sometimes use Bach's 2 part inventions as notation reading exercises.

Hope that helps!

Christopher Schlegel
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