Muddy blues

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Hey Mike. I've been working hard on acoustic blues and really loving your muddy waters she moves me lesson. Really struggling to get enough bend in my finger for the a chord open e to ring though...but hey it still sounds Muddy. Just awesome and really well taught thanks.

Can you suggest any good acoustic blues song lessons that don't use slide? I'm totally addicted to slide but have a really expensive Martin that I need to play more and don't want to thrash it too much like I seem to on my ovation with my chunk of brass.

Thanks for all the great song lessons again. Your teaching style really helps.

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Mike Olekshy
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Hey Tinpan - thanks for the kind words!

Check out these Clapton songs for some acoustic blues without slide:

Before You Accuse Me:

Me And The Devil Blues:

Keep working on curling that finger on the E chord! With consistent repetition, you should see an improvement as the muscles loosen more and more!


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