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Hello GT friends,

My name is Susan and I've been playing guitar for almost three months, having no musical background. I was gifted both an acoustic and electric guitar for my birthday by my boyfriend. I really love both but have been focused on acoustic lately.

I just love this website and am so glad I subscribed. I completed the first fundamentals course and have hit many on the second fundamentals course. But now I'm jumping around a little and getting into songs, while still focusing on the basics. I have been hooked on playing Christmas songs lately, partly because I already have the tune in my memory bank so it makes it a little easier to play and find notes. I love the selection of Christmas song tutorials on here.

I've recently discovered the joys of fingerpicking and now I am really hooked on that. So I started those courses and am really pleased with how I'm playing already. So much to learn but I'm having a blast with it.

This is the first I've used the forum so I look forward to checking in here more and asking some questions.

“Often, what seems like an impossible climb is just a staircase without the steps drawn in.” Robert Brault, American Operatic Tenor

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Welcome aboard ! You`ll find this is a great site with many enthusiastic and helpful folks.

When you`re ready, I highly recommend the Acoustic 1 course taught by Anders Mouridsen. The lessons are well designed and sequenced and are just challenging enough without being overwhelming. I`ve learned a ton of valuable stuff in that course. I don`t have an electric (yet) but there are several good courses to choose from for that.

Good luck !

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Good luck with your studies sbegel82

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Thanks! I just looked at the Acoustics 1 Course and I've already started it with chapter 2 on Intro to Fingerpicking. I will backtrack a little and start at the first chapter, too and go from there.

“Often, what seems like an impossible climb is just a staircase without the steps drawn in.” Robert Brault, American Operatic Tenor

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You certainly seem to be whizzing through! I'm on Acoustic 1 at the mo (but I played badly before joining the site so had some experience) and the fingerpicking part is enjoyable if, at least for me, not easy! Good luck and enjoy.


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My experience is very similar.

Now 4 months in and after starting with an electric have also just gone and bought an acoustic.

If I see it through to the year and on to 18 months my reward will be a much better guitar at Xmas 21.

I'm also dotting around the various lessons to see what is within the maze of Guitar Tricks.

Currently waiting for the practice to increase the skill level sufficiently to do justice moving on.

Still enjoying the whole experience

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Yes, the experience is very enjoyable! Before I discovered fingerpicking it was hard to move away from just playing melodies and partial songs with chords. (I do really love playing melodies, especially the Chritmas ones.) But now that I've discovered fingerpicking, I'm learning my chords better, and playing them better. Funny how that works! I really love the strumming tutorials in Acoustics 1 and Anders is a great instructor.

“Often, what seems like an impossible climb is just a staircase without the steps drawn in.” Robert Brault, American Operatic Tenor

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welcome Susan! After 2 years, I go back to basic courses to refresh as I continue through the upper levels. great course and nice group of folks on the forum.

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Nice to meet you and welcome to the group. My name is Chuck and I joined up a few months ago myself. I spent a long time playing around with the guitar without any real direction,which is why I joined. I really never had a musical background and got interested in the guitar almost by accident. It didn't take me long to realize how fun and relaxing it can be to sit and play. Now I just want to learn how to do it the right way to play even better.


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