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08/19/2020 11:56 pm

I would say the new UAD apollo solo audio interfaces would be a good interface to start with, the audio interface has a Hi-Z input which is designed for electric guitar.

There are loads of audio interfaces on the market in various configurations and various price ranges.

If you are primarily a guitarist, i would suggest an audio interface that works best with any software that you would like to use.

What i mean in terms of software, is firstly recording software (otherwise referred to as a DAW), such as steinberg cubase, Apple Logic, Presonus Studio One, Avid Protools etc.

The other type of software that may be used by guitarists i refer to is amp simulation software (especially if you play electric guitar). Examples of amp sim software are:

Ikmultimedia Amplitude, Native Instruments Guitar Rig, Avid Eleven, Line 6 Helix Native, Waves GTR, UAD amp sims (various), Softube Amp room, Overloud THU, BIAS Amp.

Amp sims are are a great way to record electric guitar if you are on a budget, are not a pro sound engineer, and do not have access to a pro recording studio.

But also good for recording electric guitar without anoying the neighbours.

The UAD audio interfaces have a really good reputation for quality in terms of build but also in terms of quality of components, which is really important for making high quality recordings. The preamps are capable of recordings that have high amount of headroom, this is an important feature if you are considering the quality.

Alternatively, i would consider buying an audio interface from Ikmultimedia that works with their software. If you are new to recording software, their Amplitude 4 software may be worth considering as it comes with a simple 8 track recorder that is really easy to use, especially for guitarists.

If your budget can stretch to it, i would say Ikmultimedia AXE I/O interface is worth considering, as it has some unusual features that you wont find in most other audio interfaces that are especially useful for a guitarists.

It has an impedence feature which you can use to adjust the impedence of the guitar input, this is an interesting feature that i haven't seen anywhere else before.

It also has an Amp out feature, which again, is a really useful feature for gutiarists who record with a DI who may want to re record the DI signal later through a guitar amp, or perhaps experiment sending the same DI signal to different amps to see what it sounds like.

It also has the standard DI input which is an essential feature for people who wish to record using guitar pick ups, as the impedance if not matched will effect the recording quality. Recordings electric guitars straight in without using a DI box or Hi-Z instrument input sound really bad, and make you think your guitar sounds rubbish.

Native Instruments also make some decent audio interfaces,

as many other companies, for all sorts of budgets.

Tascam, who used to be a leading reel to reel manufacturer, who also make multitrack recorders, make a good budget range of audio interfaces that don't cost the earth and i believe some of their audio interfaces also do not need audio drivers, which is a blessing if you are used to software problems (windows perhaps).

Focusrite also a great manufacturer make some decent budget audio interfaces.[br]Focusrite also are a legendary pro audio company that are known for making high end control strips which are used by top level pro audio engineers.

Still, if money was not a problem i would still recommend the UAD apollo Solo or the Ikmultimedia AXE I/O

As these will give you the quality and versitility that the other audio interfaces do not offer.