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Hi folks. At first sorry for posting a new thread but couldnt find anything about this amp.

I have a used Marshall MG50DFX and as beginner I cannot judge fully but I thing its not the greatest or maybe I dont know how to set it up properly. I was thinking maybe of getting a used Fender Champion or Mustang (I am not a big earner). Will these be good for me since I need an amp that is somehow easy to setup and that sounds decent enough to keep me motivated in continuing my guitar journey. BTW it has to be for all genres as a play blues rock and country. Cheers.

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If it was me then I would be looking at either the Boss Katana or the Spark amp, I own the Spark and it's very versatile, my friend owns the katana and I think that's also a very versatile amp, both are great for the money.

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If you haven't already, the Fender Mustang LT25 (25 watts) might be worth a look and likely be comfortably within your budget, and it gets great reviews. There's an LT50 too, and a Mustang GTX50 (both 50 watts), but these models may be more than you need and want to spend.

[br]The Marshall CODE25 is another low-priced amp (25 watts) worth considering, with wireless app control and optional footswitch. There's a CODE50 (50 watt) also.

If you prefer a tube amp over a modeling amp, and can afford to spend a bit more, a good option to consider is the Marshall DSL1CR combo, with 1 watt and a switch to lower it to 0.1 watt for low-volume home practice/recording, and without losing that Marshall tone. There's also the DSL5CR combo, a 5 watt version (but even more expensive). Note that 1 tube watt is roughly equivalent to 5 watts of a solid state (modeling) amp in loudness.

Many other good amps out there - good luck deciding.

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