Sloppy barre chords

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I can rarely make a decent Barre chord. Unless I am crushing the neck between my index finger and thumb the B and E strings are muted( and sometimes even if I'm crushing it). If I adjust my index finger position tt will mute the other strings or cause a buzz on the lower strings... they just sound AWFUL. It is an acoustic guitar using name brand strings (#10). Is there some technique that I have missed???

Thanks very much


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I'm right there with you, Doug. Everyone says it will come eventually if we stick with it. Our fingers will get stronger, we'll gradually learn subtle little adjustments, etc. Personally I think there is a secret ritual that we have to perform but they'll only tell us what it is after we've put in the required amount of pain, suffering, and persistence.

It takes as long as it takes unless you quit - then it takes forever and you will never get there.

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"it will come eventually if" you "stick with it"

And the thing with the goat. I think most people were able to get that out of their minds with time.

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Hi Doug

They can be tricky. Here is what I do. Good luck

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Thanks, friends - I guess it's just a matter of practice. practice. practice ... and the goat thing, of course,

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Hi Doug,

Here's what I did:

Drill barre chords for at least 10 minutes every day regardless of how they sound and don't quit. Instead of thinking about the tone think about the transition between chords. Focus on nailing the position of the next relative barre chord. Turn on a metronome (slow, like 60 bpm) and focus on rhythmically hitting the next chord shape. Move through all the relative chord changes, then pick another key. Wash, rinse, & repeat focusing on the rhythm. Did I mention to ignore the tone?

One day you'll pick up your guitar and the tone will be there from that point forward. It's one of those weird things about learning an instrument. Your brain makes the tiny finger adjustments for you subconciously while your hand slowly gets stronger. When you get to this point you'll notice you're barely squeezing the strings at all. At this point you can review your technique and fine tune those fingers.

Good luck!

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