I think I found "The ones",but these guys aren't ambitious

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11/08/2002 9:43 am
Not wives!
This is how it happened:
I'm in the last year of college(actually should have graduated last Friday,but I repeated my 3rd year.So there).I moved into my new(new as in I've never lived in it before)last Saturday,and on Monday went to the next room to ask one of the guys there if he has a large enough water bottle that I can use to fetch water(you see,in our college hostels,the rooms are not self contained,ie no water in the rooms themselves.The common rooms are just that,common).And standing on the floor next to his bed was this acoustic.
"So,you play guitar?"
"yeah,I'm learning.In fact,this belongs to a friend of mine who was given it to keep for still another guy"
Blah blah blah.
That other guy (who was left with the guitar)is learning bass.And he is tight with drums.
The first guy has even recorded a track with his friend in a studio owned by another friend.
The second guy plays drums for his church(he's not born again,thank goodness).
So basically,there's me on guitar.There's the second guy on guitar.There's the third guy on drums.The one who's learning bass.
And my mind see's a band.We're all together in college(they are a year behind me).We're all learning,which leaves room to grow together musically,which I think is good for a band.These guys like the idea.
Problem is,they're not ambitious.Or maybe the problem is I'm too ambitious.Coz I want to take this as far as it will go.As long as I'm having fun playing with them(coz that's the bottomline of a band,playing with people and enjoying it,right?).They say that if you set your goals too high,you might be dissappointed and stuff.
My thinking is that first,you basically enjoy playing together.Beyond that,open mind.Well,that's what I'm telling them.But in my mind,I'm determined to do this.And you gotta be determined to even try.You gotta know(by figuring it in your mind!) what you're working for,to get out there and work.
We've talked(and played) a lot these past four days,and there is potential.
But I'd hate for it,one day,on the eve of our biggest tour(or maybe our debut tour,if even that)or maybe our first major perfomance,whatever,for one guy to say that he is outting.
"I never really wanted to do this anyway.You're the one who talkeed me into it...."
I'd hate for that to happen.
So what to do?
Talk them into it and into being down for whatever,or simply go on my way and look elsewhere?And perhaps lose out on joining up with some people whom we'd together become the best we can be?Which I'll never know unless we try?
And we have a lot of chemistry.Personal rapport,chemistry.None of us is gay or something,but I have to say we've really hit it off.And it's only been four days.4.
what would you do?
PS:That water bottle?I never got it.
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