Come Home to the Blues

David C
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This is a message for all the beginner and intermediate guitarists out there having a hard time finding their groove:

Want to learn how to jam?

! Come on Home to the Blues !

I did, and I'm a changed man.

The Blues are what made all this possible.

Get in touch with yours today.

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Eventually, it all comes back to it.
You think, as a youngster, that you have mastered it when you can play the pentatonics, but once you have seen all those other styles, you finally understand that Blues has taken everything that was unnecessary off to make your soul come out.

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Josh Redstone
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Its like the blues is the only style I can improvise half decently in, without playing around a scale. Now thats cool!
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Greg Graves
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I also love the blues. Actually, I started learning blues last week when my guitar teacher introduced me to Stevie Ray Vaughn and told me Stevie's story and stuff. Now I love the blues and Stevie is my favorite guitarist even though he's dead.
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jesse sutton
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the blues is all about a good man feeling down

--willie brown (croosroads)
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What I like about it is the fact that, in Blues, 20-note-per-second wankers actually sound bad, which means I have a chance to sound good. :cool:
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Actually, I like some of Yngwie Malmsteen's blues stuff. He puts a lot of speed in their, and I myself think it sounds pretty damn good.
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