New Apps Released! iPhones & Android Phones now supported!

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Hey everyone,

This week we released updates to our apps, so that they work on phones! The previous versions only supported tablets.

We haven't made the big newsletter announcement yet, but we'd love for you to check them out:



If you are a current Full Access user you can log-in with your current account within the app. If you don't have Full Access, you can upgrade within the app with your Apple or Google play account.

If you like the apps, please leave us a review in the app stores - it would really help us out.

If you'd like us to improve the apps, let us know here and we will collect feedback for a future update.

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That's awesome but what about Windows Phone ? :(
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I think I might have found a way for it to work on your Windows device. Please read carefully as we haven't tested this ourselves. This is the best remedy I could find for Windows:

Hope it helps!
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us.
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First off thanks for all the effort in bringing a mobile app out!

While I don't use it much on my iPhone 6s, I find it a GREAT TOOL on my iPad PRO and that gets used frequently and is my preferred method of working with The massive screen just makes it a pleasure to view video and notation/scores.

There is however, an inconsistency between hardware versions that drives me nuts and makes the app much less useful. I've used the product on iOS 9.2 running on an iPhone 6s, iPad Air, iPad Air2, and iPad Pro and the issue is consistent across all devices.

Portrait (vertical) orientation is NOT correctly supported on iPads when viewing Notation Full Screen

To see Correct Behavior - Do This:
1. Launch a song lesson on an iPhone (e.g. iPhone 6s iOS 9.2)
2. Press Notation in any of the song lesson series
3. Press Full Screen Icon
4. Rotate the device
5. Observe: The screen display rotates to support either landscape or portrait orientation - correct behavior

To see the Problem/Incorrect Behavior - Do This:
1. Launch a song lesson on an iPad (e.g. iPad Pro iOS 9.2)
2. Press Notation from any of the song lesson series
3. Press Full Screen Icon
4. Rotate the device
5. Observe: The screen display *does NOT* rotate. The Notation does appear full screen in a Portrait Orientation. This is incorrect. When Full screen rotating the screen should flip the notation display correctly as it does on an iPhone described above

Running Guitar Tricks App version 1.3.1 from Dec 29th
What's odd is that rev. specifically notes a 'fix' to prevent rotation into portrait orientation. That doesn't make any sense - as there are times when Portrait it needed/desired. If I want to lock the orientation I'll just use the iOS system level lock rotation feature/// or add that as a setting option with your app. But being able to see stuff full screen vertically should not have been removed

Thanks guys and keep up the great work

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