Wound G String?

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In Guitar Fundamentals 1, Lisa says the G strings are wound on electric as well as acoustic guitars. My acoustics do indeed have wound G strings, but none of my electrics do. I mostly use Fender strings on my electrics. None of the G strings are wound.

I went on Amazon and saw that D'Addario sells packs with wound thirds. I've read of the pros and cons--that an unwound third is easier to bend, but tends to easily fall out of tune.

Should beginners be using wound thirds on their electrics?

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Your assessment is pretty much spot on.

Unwound third strings are much more common, though they do tend to pop out of tune more easily.

I've only used wound thirds with seven-strings guitars and baritone strings. They have their place, but for beginners, I'd recommend the "conventional" unwound third.

Hope this helps!
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