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10/24/2014 8:02 pm
Originally Posted by: jvctele19Nice review Kasperow.
I use my Mustang II for learning and practicing.
I have 2 great tube amps for cranking it up. Solid state amps just don't measure up to tube amps. Just my opinion.
However they are much cheaper also.

I agree. Solid-State amps tend to not sound as warm as Tube amps. However, for practice-purposes, I consider Solid-State amps (and Modelling amps in particular) to be superior, if only for the sake of getting good tone at lower volumes, and not having to replace Tubes all the time.

For practice, I'd take a Solid-State amp over a Tube amp anyday, due to Solid-State amps requiring a lot less maintenance required. However, for rehearsing with a band or playing gigs, I'd choose a Tube amp, if only for the warmer tone.
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