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10/23/2014 8:15 pm
Originally Posted by: ricaurtegotiFolks one question that comes to my mind at this moment. I plan to buy a Epiphone Les Paul with humbucker pickups but read elseware that the Mustang sound better with single coils pickups guitars.

In my opinion, it handles Humbuckers very well. I only have guitars with Humbuckers (except for my acoustic, for obvious reasons), and they all sound amazing through the Mustang II. Most of the time, I play an Epiphone Les Paul, and there's pretty much nothing it can't do with the Mustang. Except for sounding like a single-coil guitar, of course (but that's generally impossible for Les Pauls without the newer Coil-Splitting function).

The best thing you can do is to try the amp with as many different guitars and settings as possible. After all, the only one who can decide, what gear you buy, is yourself :)
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