Papa Roach

jake sommers
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i think this rap/metal band rocks. tell me what you guys think of 'em.

Jake Sommers
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Maybe I haven't listened closely enough, but I don't hear anything very unique about them. That's not to say that they're bad, I'm just curious why you would place them above a myriad of other bands that sound similar, what makes them stand out? This is a serious question, I've only heard one of their songs.
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jake sommers
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I like 'em they just seem different than all the other ones. i like how what the lead singer sings matches the music. I mean he isn't just screaming over backup music. what he's singing actually fits. They isn't as simple as the other bands like that. he's rapping and what he's saying makes scence. while other bands just shout out cliches and other stupid crap that doesn't even make scence or fit the scheme of the song. other bands have only 2 different things to play(the verse and chorus). I really like they're riffs. maybe you think they suck but if i had to pick the best from the crap/metal scene it would be them or incubus

Jake Sommers
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They're just another Kid Crock/Korn/Limp Biquick clone band promoted by T(otally) R(etarted) L(ive). Seems like typical "poser rock" to me (with the rap-metal staple of a dumb name).
But, that's just my opinion, everyone is entitled to their own.
P.S.- If you really want to hear an albums that is extremely powerful (and one that rocks harder than almost anything else), go get "....And Justice For All" by Metallica, you won't regret it. Another few superb rock albums (though not as good as AJFA) are "Carnival of Souls" by KISS, "S&M" by Metallica (a good choice for your first Metallica album if you don't have any yet), "Sonic Brew" by Zakk Wylde & his band Black Label Society, "Ride the Lightning" and "Master of Puppets" by Metallica, "Alien Love Secrets" by Stee Vai (arguably his "heaviest" album), or "Faclelift" and "Dirt" by Alice in Chains (the later of which is kind of an acquired taste, it's not what I'd call an "easily accesible" album, very deep stuff).
If you want some good acoustic rock albums, try Days of the New or Alice in Chains' "Jar of Flies" (a little bluesy).

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I think they rock
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Incubus ****ing rocks the ****ing boat, i recommend all their albums.
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Some of the bands are good and others aren't. Most of the time they suck, but every now and then there are a few original ones. Papa Roach is pretty good. I like Jerry Horton's style. Most of the good ones are underground.
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Unimaginative, overdramatic, thirty year old rich guys with endorsements from Schecter have no business singing about getting picked on back in high school.

Better than Linkin Park though, also more legitimate than those weiners that play w/Limp Bizkit. Not as good as Korn. Paling in comparison with the almighty Faith No More (buy Angel Dust, be amazed).
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