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Well I would defintely get EMG's without a doubt, at least try to play a guitar with them in it and you'll be hooked. Just an example of how desired they are, a local music store told me they were on a 16 week wait for them, imagine that waiting 4 months for your pickups to come in? Anyway I know first hand they rule and if anything is goning to make your guitar sound awesome it's a nice set of EMG's.

I am not bashing your guitar I had one myself. As you delve more into tone you will pick up tonal charactatistics or qualities that you may have either overlooked or not noticed in the past. When that time comes you will probally want a "higher quality" or basically more pricy guitar. A great guitar doesnt have to cost a fortune I only have yet to play an Ibanez that I truly loved. I am a Fender (and Martin) man and my next guitar will be a les paul studio or custom.

Good luck,

p.s also your gear as in stomp boxes can durastically improve your tone. You can probally get the tone you want without changing your pickups. You may simply need a good od pedal? Go to a music store and try a few overdrives and distortions maybe a line 6 pod? For the money the pod offers alot of versatility.