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Just a few points about finding some one to practice or play with.
In Guitar Tricks it's going to be like playing the lottery with a membership of over 1.9 million members ( According to eReleases ) from all over the world. Then break the membership down to those wanting to find a jam buddy or band. Further, break these down by genre, and again by ability.
From my personal experience just getting people to accept someone on a buddy list or private message is about nill. Most people don't trust the internet to post where they live, so unless you happen to catch a forum conversation about a "happening" in an area you live in, your not apt to find who lives close. How far does one want to travel.
I have found a site that people could post that they were looking for people to play or band to join or start up. It didn't look very productive and I didn't look more then once.
You can also look in CRAIGLIST which was not of much help in my area.
Good luck to anyone looking for playmates

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