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05/06/2013 7:25 pm
I just upgraded my amp to a Fender Mustang I v2. This review is from a complete newbie. I have roughly 2 to 3 months under my belt total with a guitar in my hand. But I am loving this one. I come from a techie background and this one clicks with that.

$119 + tax. High value for the $.

Size/Physical Elements
It is a great size for my home. It does not take mu much space at all. It is appealing to the eye. Signature amp look.

Has a port for a foot button which I will get soon to switch back and forth. Also, the usb cable to comes with is fairly short. I do recommend getting a long cable otherwise it will have to stay within 3 feet of your computer.

Physical Controls
They are easy and standard. The selection knob for the built in effects is easy to you. Documentation on some of the buttons is not the best but not too bad.

Virtual Controls (Fuse Software)
The real bread and butter. It is VERY easy to use the software and to get new presets. Great way to try out different sounds.

It sounds great. Seems like on most settings the bass is a bit too high but not too bad. I just back the bass off a bit. I have yet to try this out on highest volume. I was up there and it was definitely loud.

I feel this was an amazing purchase. If I was someone who was going to play shows or had many more years under my belt I would recommend Mustang II,III,or IV, but for hobbiest like me, this is the perfect amp.
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