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Guitar Tricks Instructor
Joined: 08/16/01
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04/26/2002 9:50 pm
I can honestly say that I would not return the guitar.
Would I be able to look myself in the mirror? Yes I would.
Dont know why, but I wouldnt be bothered with it.
Now dont say "you dont know how it feels" because I do.
My cellphone, wallet, a lot of money plus my scooter has been stolen during the years.
And that adds up to about 3000$. A quite large sum.
And I wouldnt blame the guy who saw the scooter-add:
"Scooter, great condition, 800$".
I mean 1/3 of the price! I wouldnt be able to resist it.
One thing that you have to take under consideration is
that your money is gone even if you return it (according to swedish laws anyway) and you can be convicted.

Now before you call me heartless and monster, I would be
very upset if it was my guitar. If my own guitar had been stolen, I would've been devestated. And my guitar isnt half as rare and expensive as the gibson 52 acoustic.
But still..
Now I would never steal anything, and if I knew it was stolen before I bought it, I would have him arrested and the guitar returned, but with the guitar in hand, and the seller long gone, well.. I would keep it.

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