Who's guitar would you love to have in your collection?

Neal Walter
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here's the list
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Went for Eddies
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Since I'm a lefty with a Les Paul still wanting a strat Jimi's guitar is a no brainer ofcourse haha.
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SRV's Stratocaster. Mostly because he's my favourite guitar player. I woudn't dare to play on it, that would be a desecration. My precioussss
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Picked Stevie Ray's #1. Would actually rather have his brother Jimmie's Strat though as he plays basically a stock Strat and makes it sound the way he does. Also, I can't believe Eric Clapton's Blackie didn't make the list. ;)
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Ben Lindholm
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I would go for the Hendrix strat. But I would prefer the black one from Monterey Pop Festival in '67, the one he didn't burn. :D
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paul oakley
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Not on the poll list,Paul Kossoffs gold top.
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John Pearcy
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Not on your list. Duane Allmans gold top Les Paul
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