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Here is a question that may be obviouse, but if you tune down a half step doesn't that throw all of your chord fingering and scales off a half step also? What I mean I guess, is do you move your scale patterns back one fret also?

---3 Would this still be a C chord?

If this is so, being so new at playing guitar, it would be like learning scale positions all over again. I don't even want to think what drop D would do to my learning proceess. I guess you all got there one step at a time... thanks again
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Ok. When you detune a half step, technically, the position where an A chord or a G chord was is now an A flat chord and a G flat chord. But that gets really confusiong on the guitar. So it is universally accepted that when you're detuned and you tell someone you're playing a D chord when it's really a D flat chord, you just tell 'em that it's a D chord but make sure they know you're detuned. It would be nuts to relearn all the positions for everything all over again.

However, if you're in drop D or DADGAD or something other than an equivalent to standard tuning, you're screwed.
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your not necesarilly screwed if you know your fretboard than you can figure out where you need to put your fingers to make it again

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drop d ain't bad. might be my favorite tuning too.
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I play Droped D then a whole step down. I don't move my fingering, I play the same stuff at the same places, it just sounds lower. But for half-step move down 1 fret, whole step, move down 2 frets. Laterz

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Love is nothing more than mental illness...
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