Music College?

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Hi, I am Valentin.
I am new here and I don't know if you have already discussed my question.
I want to ask you guys what do you think about going into a college of music. Some people say that every musician must have a music education otherwise he is not a musician at all. Others say that in such colleges musicians are too far from "the real life", they are beig molded in such a way that they loose their individuality and they all end up playing in a Steve Vai (or whatever) style, which is quite frightening for me because I don't like guitar athletics at all.
Please, tell me yor opinion about that. I need to be aware of the pros and cons for the musical colleges because I plan to have a music related job(I am still not sure what exactly I am going to work)and I am thinking about getting into a college of music.
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you're looking at it all wrong. college doesn't determine who you are or how your going to perform. Look at it like this its a tool kind of like this site your learning from others experiences. Same with college youll learn from other peoples experiences and knowledge and in return you can incorporate it into your own experiences. college will give you the knowledge and the equiptment to build and perform how ever you want. So in short I recommend it.
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Being a pro musician involves more than chops and music, as weird as it might seem.
Going to berklee (one exemple among others, but it's the best there is) will teach you to play, AND market yourself as a musician. We had a thread about Steve VAI, that guy would still be a transcribing nerd if he hadn't been such a wise businessman.
As for playing like someone, I guess you pick whatever you want from those schools... But it's interesting to have a broad knowledge of styles...
In sessions, I'm often asked to play like BB king, or "a little more green" (whatever that means) and you can get what that means on the guitar with a formal education. If you can't get it through college, get it through the books, and get your ass in it, everyday, for years, it pays off, trust me.

(by the way, being a college grad won't get you on gigs, be a nice chap that people want to be and play with, everything follows...)
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