My Washburn WI-80 Custom

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Just finally got to bring my new baby home today and actually get into it.
My favorite guitar has always been the Les Paul. But the model I want only runs $6k and higher so can't afford that.
Last month at this time, I tried out this Washburn WI-80 Custom and fell in love with it there on the spot. Looks and feels exactly like a Les Paul and from the sound of it.. can't really tell a difference between them!
I priced this guitar out through various places on the net and found they all wanted roughly around $2.5k for it. So when I was able to get this brand new bad boy for around $1.7k I told the wife that we aren't getting a bad deal at all!
Got it home.. run it through the amp clean and O M G! B E A U TI FUL! Hooked it up to my puter and ran it through some sound effects and it was sooooo nice!
Can't wait till I bring my Crate Amp all home to match it! Now not only can I play Jingle Bells.. but I can do it with CLASS! :D

Howard... the happy!
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Congratulations on a fine purchase!
I bought a Washburn WI-64V for £300 ($500usd) and it plays like a dream. One of the best guitars I own ( or have ever owned!) and sounds like it should be at least double the price. Enjoy! (btw, I don't work for Washburn and I'm not an endorsee but man, they make great guitars!)

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Congrats on your new toy! Id love to have a USA washburn. I was on a bit of a budget when I bought my main guitar and ended up with the WI-66, and for a budget import guitar I was ultra impressed. I've heard nothing but great things about the US built versions.
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It's a smooth guitar. I've played others since I've bought this one.. and have found a lot of differences between them all. Strings are so light, you don't have to add any pressure what-so-ever to make them ring.
I've not had to have any adjustments to the tuning since I've had it.. still hitting dead center for the electronic tuning device I plug into it... and I've been practicing hard with it. Especially with a lot of string bends...

OH! And thanks!
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