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Anyone here familiar with this band? They're an Indian-American blues band that has gained a reputation for awesome live shows. The leader Mato Nanji is touted as one of the best new guitarists on the scene, and successor to Stevie Ray Vaughan. Listening to him, he does sound a lot like SRV, even in his voice. Indigenous has two studio albums and a live album out. I would check out the live one if you like intense fiery blues guitar. This guy is amazing. He must be seen/heard to be believed.
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Ya bro they are a cool band. I live in Austin and they are always here. As a matter of fact they are playing on December 14th with another badass, Chris Duarte. They have a video you may or maynot know of which is Live at La Zona Rosa. Pretty cool.
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Hey I heard them on the radio and I thought it was SRV. I am surprised they got airplay but they are kind of a local band here and it was "Tuesday Blues Day" on the radio station. I am going to buy a CD of theirs for my dad soon, he loves SRV and this band just like I do.
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Well, Indigenous is far from local around here, but I hear them on K105 (our local "Album Radio" station). I like them alot, and actually, I grabbed one of their albums for my mom, she likes it too. I really think they have something good going.
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I'm gonna have to check these guys out!
I guess I don't get out much! I can't stand MTV and radio sucks. I read about them in a guitar magazine awhile back and just figured them to be a bunch of "Vaughan-Abees".
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Yeah, I saw them on Austin city limits. The dude on the guitar rocked. Me and my dad were discussing about how he was sorda like Stevie Ray Vaughan (who is one of my favorite players.) I see what you're saying about MTV too. I don't watch it much either, but I did watch the rock 'n roll weekend thing. I like to listen to the radio, though. There are a few pretty good stations around.
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