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Anders Mouridsen
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Hey everybody,

Instead of wasting your time on inaccurate free tabs from the internet you should spend the buck and a half and get the real transcription from


You download a free plug-in that lets you preview the music, so you can be sure it's the right version and all. Then you pay (usually less than 2 bucks) and print it.

If they don't have it in the "download digital sheet music" section you send them an email and they scan from their library and email it to you. They are super nice and helpful.

The official transcriptions aren't always %100 correct, but they are about a million times better than any free tabs you can find online. And at least it will tide you over until Guitartricks teaches the song:)
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Mick J
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No luck there, found the site, downloaded the plug in, tried to download just to sample and couldn't get through to pay. Then I sent an email and it could not be delivered. Do they not deal with us in the UK?
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Douglas Showalter
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Agreed! As we live in a time where information is in abundance, the amount of actual "correct" info is rarer and rarer. It's nice to find sites that actually work to steer you in the right direction and aren't just somebody's way of trying to promote themselves. Thanks for sharing Anders! :eek:
Douglas Showalter
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Since we the members are paying a yearly subscriptions to have songs on this web site, why can't we be able to down load the tabs you (the Instructors) are teaching us from. other sites that i pay a yearly membership too allow me to download the instructors tabs.... I love this site... i have learned more in the last three years than i have learned in the last 40 years trying o play the guitar. i am very thankful to have learn so much. all the instructors here are great regardless of music style preference and i am amazed at how quick i can learn songs now that i never would have attempted a few years ago. i owe a majority of my success to this site.. thanks you... But it would be nice to be able to download the tabs.. at almost 50 years old my hard-drive (brain) can only memorize so much music. i like being able to have self made song books of tabs for my reference while practicing. Instead of always going to the computer and going off the screen, I would like to play in my front room (self made studio) which is at the opposite end of the house where my office... any help would be great.. thanks BBg
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