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Now in my circle of friends, I'm pretty much the person who finds new bands and makes everybody else listen to them. But there are a couple of people who turn me onto new stuff from time to time (my little brother and my friend Carl). Who's it for you?

Edit: I hate it when I make spelling mistakes in the title of a thread of all places.

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Usually my guitar teacher is the one who truns me on to new stuff, either through him lending me cds, or from me seeing other bands at gigs that his band plays at. Just last night I went to a gig his band was playing at (by the way, check out http://www.thegrandsilentsystem.com ) and saw a very tasty rock trio with an awesome bass player. Will be checking out more of them.
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I get the most information on the links page of the bands I know.

Most of the time they add their friends page on the links page so I go throught all of those and sometimes find great bands.

Web rings are also a good place to start.

I from a small city so there's not a lot of gigs around. You'll sometime have a blues night once in a while but it's rare.
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