First solo(or solos) you learned

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Hmmmmm -

I think the first solo I ever learnt was happy birthday on the high E string!!! LOL!

Seriously now...I think the first 'extensive'
solo I sat down and set myself to learning was Randy Rhodes' "Revelation (Mother Earth)". I had been playing for about three or four years and really loved this solo. I practised it everyday for like 2 months and it never came together, so I just gave up... I'm like that, I've never really learnt a solo at one pop but this was the first I really worked towards getting right.

About half a year later, I was jamming with my mates when I started playing it and it just flowed dude...straight out of me. I was stoked!

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First solo I learned was "God Gave Rock 'n Roll To You" by KISS.

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How's about the solo to Police Truck by the Dead Kennedys, eh? That'll take about 2 minutes to figure out... It's really easy, but I enjoy playing it for some reason
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First solo i learned was real easy, The solo in Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.
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my first solo was "all i want" by offspring.
... and that's all I have to say about that.

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Mine was the solo to Steve Vai's "The audience is listening,". Yeah, right! Actually I used to be a total Metallifreak, so the first solo, or solos' I should say, was Sanitarium. To this day I still think that is a great song w/ good leads.

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My first solo was You shook me all night long
by Acdc. i'm playing guitar for 2 years
but never managed to learn solo till this
which i learned 2 months ago.
Usualy it's more fun to improvise the solos
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Kind of like bofatron, mostly I've concentrated on learning a few key riffs and improvising, and usually soloing along with the recording. I know tads of solos here and there, but the first solo I learned note for note would be Stairway To Heaven, I guess because it's kind of seen as a "right of passage" between rock-guitarists.
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My very first song, which has a little solo in it that I learned was Purpose by 311.
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