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I was wondering what you guys think his best song is, and can anyone give me a link to a site that has full mp3's of his songs.
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If you're new to his work, start with Passion And Warfare. "For the Love of God" is a must have. I'm not sure I can pick a best song. I must say, though, he is the only musician I know where I like every one of his songs.

Once you become familiar with him, then you can tackle his newest one, The Ultra Zone. But if you don't have a good Vai background, you'll get hurt listening to this one...

As for MP3's, I haven't found any.
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Vai has got to be my all time fav. guitarist. When I hear him play I'll get chills running down my spine. The guy knows how to be soooo melodic sometimes it scares me. As far as best songs I'd have to go with Ekstasis. You can't really pick one but definately check out "Passion and Warfare", he did that album right after he left David Lee Roth. Also check his site out he has some awesome lessons in there.

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thanks alot guys, i've heard a bit of vai but never realy got into that kind of stuff, now i have no reason not to.
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steve vai is the virtuoso of this era...alot of people will not understand him for years to come...i know he has many fans and he appreciates that...

my favourite stevie vai song has to be "touching tongues"...this is my favourite tone by him...all his songs mean a great deal to me, his pure energy and soul is bared for us all to has been a long time since any musician has been able to do this to me...he is truly inspirational, and i hope all of you realize the gift he is giving all of us

keep em coming stevie
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