Metallica fingers 335,435 Napster users

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Did you see this in the news?

Metallica fingers 335,435 Napster users
(CNET) - Metallica has been taking names. The heavy metal band, which is suing music-swapping company Napster for what the musicians say are massive copyright violations, says it has identified more than 335,000 individuals who were allegedly sharing the band's songs online in violation of copyright laws.

What do you think about this?

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I don't get it...Why the hell do a band a big, wealthy, "popular" as Metallica need to do this? Oh, wow! Their losing, at most, what? 1 million? Com'on, this is pence to these guys! What else for then? Artistry? What, people are listenning to their music aren't they?...Why then...the quickest answer is greed, simple....
On the other side of the coin though, there are perhaps (minor) infrigments on some kind of copyright, then there simply personnel standards...but, unless I'm wrong, didn't Metallica used to endorse bootlegging of their gigs...hmmmmm.......

Was an attempt to give both thoughts, but urrr...I think my own are pretty clear....
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Exactly man. They distributed demos for free, and encouraged bootlegs, but now that a more efficient way of doing the same thing is here, that could help lots of startup bands, instead of encouraging it they sue, and at the same time claim to be supporting artists' rights? Sorry, metallifans, the only things they are supporting are their band accounts.
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I see nothing wrong with MP3'z/Napster. Personally, when I listen to an MP3, if I like the band then I'll pick up thier record. Sure, some people are going to download a full album and burn them onto a CD, or whatever, but these are the same people who copy albums onto tape, or jack CD's from a store. I think that MP3 is a great advertising thing, and it gives a variety of bands a better opportunity to make some real money in the music industry. A lot of musicians think that MP3 is the end of "professional" music, but I believe it to be the exact opposite.
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I think they're more concerned about the
prices of cd's being driven up by web sites
that follow suit with the likes of napster.
It's always best to look ahead at the
consequences in business and music is business. I don't think they'ed butt heads
with the "5.98 ep do not pay more" and years
later let a new media start a record company
hiking their costs. If not Metallica then
someone else hopefully.
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Originally posted by Willdridge:
Why then...the quickest answer is greed, simple....
On the other side of the coin though, there are perhaps (minor) infrigments on some kind of copyright

Not trying to flame ya bro. But damn you guys are being rude. First off, Metallica's doing it not just for them but for everyone else that feels the same way. Why? Because they have the money$$$! Minor infringements? I don't know where you guys are from but here in CA, when a new CD comes out there's about 30 people in school burning and selling the CDs. Nation wide that starts to add up to a lot more than a million. As for bootlegging onto tapes... these aren't crappy recordings on tapes that people are doing. People are recording CD quality sound onto a blank CD, even going as far copying the lyrics and sticking 'em right into the case and selling it for six bucks. Why buy the real thing for $15-$20 dollars when you got that? Granted suing won't solve the problem, but at least they're standing up for their beliefs. out to MetallicA for helping out all the other bands that can't afford to do anything about it!!!

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I not denying what they're doing is going to benifit the music's the reasons behind it that've p*ssed most people off - They're not doing to better the future musicians and we know it, it is to line their back pockets...
How do I think I know this?...When Metallica where underground they themselves encouraged bootlegging at their gigs; they sold the copied goods themselves, but now they've discovered how much profit can be made from this, look what they do...
Yes, I download MP3s, but simply to see if it's worth buying the whole album, if I like one or two songs off an album I'll go and fork out the £12-15 needed to buy it, if I don't, I'll delete the always, it's a minority of jerks and idiots who spoil it for the masses...Metallica simply have latched on to that minority and mistaken them for everyone and started to draw in the money...I'm the first to admit I may be wrong in all this and, IF suddenly Metallica turn round and say "We don't want Napster's f*ckin' money, just the rights to our music" then I'll happily withdraw all this....until then though, it's only the memory of what Metallica were that's left of the band...

BTW - This is all pretty much opinion, I'm not trying to sound like some kind of self righteous git...honest....

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