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Originally posted by vrnorman
Did you know that Cuban Regular's were used in Viet Nam to interrogate and torture American POW's?

I certainly did not know that. I thought it was mainly the Soviets that came down to do their dirty work.

Originally posted by educatedfilm
Unless i've been reading lies, the CIA were pretty much given permition to assisnate, and then given the order back in the Sixties...

Yes, Bardsley is correct. There were numerous attempts by the CIA to get rid of him. Snipers, bombs, poison, etc.

Originally posted by Bardsley
The fact that the health system is widely regarded as being more efficient than America's despite all the sanctions against them is quite interesting.

What?! I don't know where in God's name you got that idea. Their health system is terrible. They don't have enough doctors, because people can make more money as a bus-boy or an entertainer for all the European tourists over in the fancy hotels.

I know the Cuban situation really well and have strong Cuban ties, so don't even try to debate me on this.

With the revolution, Cuba went from bad to worse. As bad as things were under the dictator Batista, they've been 10 times worse under Castro.