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Originally posted by educatedfilm
Oh yeah before i forget, I went to your site, very good, It's nice an pretty. Unfortunatly you chose using frames... oh well... Just joking it's a nice site... I had a listen to your sound files, the acoustic celtic/ blues thing is VERY good, Did you write that? If you did, I'm quite impressed...

Thanks man. Yeah, I wrote all the stuff up there.

I know, frames are "bad". Eventually, I'm going to redo the entire interface with I-frames. Check back in a few months . . .

In the meantime, do that research on the UN, and we'll have a chat about it.

Originally posted by vrnorman
fool - A person lacking understanding, judgement, or common sense.

I don't really want to get into a debate defending Bin Laden (I believe that he is a criminal and must be brought to justice), but even by this definition, he is not a fool.

His point of view is very different than ours. He views us as evil. (understanding) He knows what he must do to accomplish his goals. (judgement) And he knows how to do it. (common sense)

Originally posted by vrnorman
You certainly never see Bin Lauden doing the dirty work.

How does that prove his foolishness? If anything, it proves otherwise. The people who were up there flying planes into buildings and commiting suicide were certainly fools, but you don't see Bin Laden strapping a bomb on and running into a cafeteria.

He is a devious mastermind who, like any leader, uses other people to accomplish his goals.