Stevie Ray Vaughan

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Was he generally a finger picker or a pick user, or both. Im gonna learn Pride and Joy but I want to get it right.
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as far as i know he used picks, on pride and joy im not sure whether its pick or finger picking

dont forget to tune to Eb
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i love that song...i just wish i could sing along with my playing....
i saw on a video where that intro thing he did...
the double stop sounding stuff.....
was all up-picked at the beginning..
just a tip.
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Thanks. Im not doing anyhthing tomorrow so Ill start it in the morning or afternoon or whenever I wake up. After breakfast basically.
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You guys are right Stevie used just the pick on ,
Pride and Joy.
Also he turned his pick around alot and used the round,
part of pick alot and not the point.
Because of the heavy strings he used!
He really dug in to that boogie part he played on ,
pride and joy...............
When you kick it off i think its 5 times on the slide down b string,
kinda also leting the E string ring also.
Then it goes to a 1/4 bends useing the index and second,
finger on the B and E string<-a double stop bend)
If you need any help let me know?

cya Mark
P:S Led Zeppelin
The only thing i've ever caught him useing the third,
finger on plus his pick is that trade mark lick that i told,
you about.
But i would say he used pick and finger on just a few like,
that its just an old jazz thing.he did use a index and,
pinky octave lick every once in a while.
if you need the tab i can write out small parts you have,
any trouble with.(That is if i get some time this coming,

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yours truly Mark Toman
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Stevie Ray used combinations of pick and finger picking. He used the Fat side of the pick instead of the small pointed tip of the pick. On Pride and Joy he does use a lot of up strum technique. I have finally mastered that song and now I laugh at all of the things that I thought he was doing to achieve that sound.

I have just about everything written about him including guitar set up so if you want, fire SRV questions to me and I will try and get you an answer.

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Alot of up strum while he's singing the song!

yours truly Mark Toman
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If you look at some of the videos he also uses both the pick and his ring finger at the same time on a lot of his songs when I thought he was just fingerpicking
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