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08/31/2007 5:08 am
I've been doing a ton of writing, music and lyrics, lately but of course my mic or something is broken.... frustrating. Anyway this is something I finished today. Part of a series of songs based around a concept, perhaps if I can ever record again some sort album may start to form over the next year or so...

I need to start writing lyrics around music I think, but hopefully I'll be able to work this stuff in without sacrificing any music quality.

Blasting through a stratosphere
Bleeding tears,
I'm out of here
A hole through psyche panic tears
ego lose,
my manic steers
Purple light lost in the fog
I'm in awe,
I'm just a cog
A female voice in silence talks
striped of thoughts,
my epilogue
Words that brain makes into sense
lacking voice,
my mind's past tense
A jester sings as message sent
remake me,
rip down the fence
They want help as I come to
they point down,
as I fall through
They won't say what they will do
They won't say,
but I still knew

hope you enjoy it. Crits more than welcome.