Songs to get the adrenalin going

Led Zeppelin
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Mine are:
Ozzy - Paranoid live with Randy
Gilby Clarke - Tijuana Jail
Gilby Clarke - Cure Me Or Kill Me
Guns N'Roses - Welcome To The Jungle
Oasis - I Hope, I Think, I know
Oasis/Slade - Cum On Feel The Noize
Slash's Snakepit - Life's Sweet Drug
Ted Nugent - Stranglehold
All Pogues songs
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Licking Cream - Sevendust

Awake - Godsmack

Points of Authority - Linkin Park
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Clutch: Texan Book of the Dead, Immortal, Pure Rock Fury, Careful with that Mic, Animal Farm, Impotus, The Elephant Riders, Ship of Gold, Wishbone, The Yeti, The Soapmakers, The Dragonfly, etc.

Primus: Jerry Was a Race Car Driver, Frizzle Fly, To Defy the Laws of Tradition, Wynona's Big Brown Beaver, Golden Boy. Related Stuff: Sausage: Here's to the Man. Anything by Possessed.

Anything by Seven Year Bitch.

Konnichi Wa I reccomend Polygon.

Scissorfight: Gibbetted Captain Kidd, NH is Allright if You Like Fighting, Granite State Destroyer, Helicopter Killing Coton Mouth, Hammerdown.

That should be a good start for you.
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Holy Solos vy Stratovarius, such a kick ass song, its not even a proper song, but its so strange, yet beautiful
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Without a doubt, Judas Priest - Turbo Lover
Mai Zure - So overdriven, he sh*ts distortion
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Ravel's Boléro; it goes for 13 minutes and just builds to the biggest musical climax there is, and sustains it for several minutes.
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Randy Rhoads and/or anything by Judas Priest.
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mine is Drowning Pool, Let The Bodies On The Floor
Godsmack Awake, ACDC, Back in Black ,and Shook me all night long. those are just a few but i have more.
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Judas Priest - Breaking the LAw
Iron Maiden - Running Free, Man on the Edge
Magnum - Invasion
Led Zeppelin - Communication Breakdown
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Queensryche - The Needle Lies
Guns n Roses - Welcome to the Jungle
Ozzy Osbourne - Flying High Again

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The Doors: la woman
Nirvana: Drain you, Endless nameless, tourettes,
Radiohead: Ripcord, You, Just, I might be wrong, the national anthem, pactlike sardines.
Eels: soul jacker,
Joy division: the kill, transmition.
System of a down: know, war, chopped suey.... actaully nearly anyting by them..
Manic street preachers: mowtown junk, intravenous agnostic.
Life with out buildings: newtown.
At the drive-in: Arc arsenal, rolodex propaganda, cosmonaught, pattern against the user, catacombs...
Foofighters: stacked actors.
Long pigs: Blue skies, she says.
Deep purple: hush
Hendrix: voodo chile, manic depressions, all along the watch tower.
REM: radio free europe.
Placebo: every you and every me.
the pixies: where is my mind, my velouria.
Mudhoney: touch me i'm sick.
Laptop: I'm so happy you failed.
Belatrix: Jedi wanna be
Primus: wbbb
Led zeplin: when the levee breaks (i dont know who did the original).
god there's loads ... oh i'll stop there..

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Originally posted by educatedfilm
Foofighters: stacked actors.

What? No Weenie Beanie? The self titled Foo Fighters album was brilliant. Even though I can't stand them today, I still love that album.

We can also add A Shogun Named Markus and El Jefe Speaks to the Clutch list... (I just bought Transnational Speedway today).

Other additions:

Buckethead- Jowles
Black Sabbath- Children of the Grave
Incubus- A Certain Shade of Green, You're Gonna be a Hot Dancer, Redefine.
Fishbone- Beer Gut, Chim Chim's Badass Revenge, Fight the Youth.

I'll probably think of more later.
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3rd Strike-No Light
311-any song of the blue album
Limp Bizkit-Faith and Counterfeit(although they are pathetic now)
Filter-Welcome to the Fold
Sevendust-Too Close to Hate
...I have millions more

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For me hit songs by hardrock/metal band wich I hear on radio somtimes are amazing. For ex. when they play nowdays **** music and than put on like One by Met. hell that feels good.
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Sleep now in the fire, Killing in the Name - RATM
Valhalla, Run for the night, Into the storm - Blind Guardian

Probably more, but they've slipped my mind at the mo...
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gnr - welcome to the jungle, you could be mine, paradise city
ac/dc - thunderstruck, u shook me all night long
rage against machine - killing in the name of
white zombie - more human then human
slash snakepit - serial killer, speed parade
stp - dead and bloated
lynard skynryd - freebird.....well the solo
metalica - one, feul, enter sandman
surviver - eye of tiger :)
ramnstien - du hast

many more

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Dreamline (Rush)
Wake up Dead (Megadeth)
Highway Star (D.P)
Surfing with the Alien (Satch)
Voodoo (Malmsteen)
Misunderstood (Dream theater)<----That one's slow but it has a great build up
Soma (Smashing Pumpkins) <---- Same with that one.
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