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Howdy ya'll,
I was wondering to what degree my (usually) monthly contributions to the newsletter, the Listening Post Spotlight series, is valued. Readership of the whole newsletter has declined, my article included, so please share your thoughts, opinions, critiques, and suggestions. Trust me, you won't hurt my feelings.
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Keep it up dude, i find most of the newsletter articles (including your own) interesting, i'm gonna miss the Hunter60 'Birth of an obsession' column though, thats gonna take some replacing, i also like the 'interviews' with GT regulars and the 'G.A.S alert' series, if we wanna turn around readership figures maybe we could look at what some of the guitar mags do and take ideas from there? you could have say a 'Riff of the month' or as someone else mentioned recently a 'Scale of the month' tab it, a few tips on how to play it, a novice section with a few tips on basic chords/scales/progressions (might whet a few appetites into signin up for full access!) maybe get some extra gear reviews in there, us guitarists always suffer from G.A.S, i know some of the guys on the site are in bands, how about a spotlight section on their bands? it would bring them to the attention of a wider audience and may generate them some extra fans, anyway just some random ideas, i'm sure plenty of the guys on the site will have some good ideas.
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