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If this is in the wrong spot---sorry :p
Just saw a new release of Pink Floyd in 1980 doing "The Wall" at a local art theater here............flippin' phenomenal... must see for any Floyd fan.....they only did 28 shows in 1980 of this and in only 4 cities, 7 nights in each city,....the footage is from the show at Earls Court in London. my jaw is still on the floor. Gilmour and Waters were incredible....tons of work went into this production----glad I don't do acid anymore cause this show is flip-out-city. :D
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Yup...gotta give cred to Pink Floyd for being the first band that got me outa the doldrums of mediocrity. (oooh big weird words)
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I have the now discontinued DVD of this performance. The sound quality is good, the vid quality is not great, but still gets the point across.
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I'm going to get my hands on that if it's the last thing I do!

On a distantly-related note - what do you guys think of Atom Heart Mother? I kinda overlooked it until recently - but now I'd go so far to say as it stands up on the same level as Dark Side and Wish, ie. godlike. Listen to it if you haven't, it's epic.
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