GT interview - earthman buck - July '07

earthman buck
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earthman buck
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06/29/2007 3:00 am
Yeah....I know. Just bear with me as I interview myself.

Good evening! How are you today?

I am quite sunburnt.

Oh really? Why is that?

Well, I have this new job cutting and weed-whacking the grass in the ditches in town. Spending all day in the sun tends to lead to sunburns.

Ah yes, your new job. That job is the reason you didn't have time to conduct a proper interview this month, isn't it?

Well, that and other stuff. The first few weeks I was busy finishing up with school. Then my 18th birthday hit and I was kinda tied up having fun. Then there was graduation and all the nonsense that entails...

Let's move on. When did you start playing guitar?

I think I was about 12. My friend Andrew told me he was going to start taking guitar lessons, and I decided then and there that I would learn guitar too. For some reason I was very competitive about the idea, which is funny because at the time I wasn't even that into music.

What kind of music did you start listening to?

The first band I really got into was Nirvana. I think this was around the time the song "You Know You're Right" came out after being 'in the vaults' for like eight years. I liked it and bought the greatest hits CD it was on, and I fell totally in love with them. And that led me to other bands of the era, like Alice in Chains and Soundgarden.

Then one day not long after that my gym teacher lent me two of his CDs: Zeppelin II and "The Edges of Twilight" by the Tea Party. I put in the Zeppelin one first and spent the whole weekend listening to it on a nonstop loop. I didn't bother listening to the Tea Party at all. So that was when I got into classic rock.

What kind of music do you listen to now?

Oh, all the same stuff, plus more. I like rock and not much else, but within rock I like a whole different bunch of styles.

How's your band doing?

Alright, I guess. We were actually in a parade today, for Canada Day. It's not Canada Day yet, but for some reason there was a parade anyway and we were in it. We pretty much just jammed the whole time, but it sounded okay.

What's going to happen to you guys when you go to university?

I have no idea. I'm moving to the city in the fall, so I guess the Greasy Knots will momentarily die. But I figure Luke and Mike and I will always be in touch and if they ever move in to the city we could pick up where we left off. That'd be cool.

That's good. I like your music.

You do?

Absolutely. I wish you boys would make an album so I could buy it.

That's sweet of you to say!

*blushes and giggles* Well, thanks for your time.

Not a problem, my pet.
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